You can now buy Virat Kohli’s six off Haris Rauf


Virat Kohli’s six down the ground of Haris Rauf can now be bought! What does that mean? Digital collectibles have come to cricket, and all the best moments from the 2022 Men’s T20 World Cup are being converted into unique collectibles that fans can buy online. FanCraze, the ICC’s Official Digital Collectibles partner, are pre-selling moments from each game in packs called “>Crictos of the Game. (For a full explainer on digital collectibles, click here).

How does it work? Every day of the tournament, at 3.30pm IST (10am GMT), the queue opens for the packs from the next game. You can buy a pack for as low as USD 5 (INR 410 approx), which will get you one collectible, or one moment. During the game, FanCraze picks the best moments from it and converts them into 3D digital cards that feature a video and photo of the moment. Once the match is over, you can open your pack to find out which of the moments you ended up getting.

Once you’ve got your digital collectible, you can display it on social media, use it in FanCraze’s Flash game to earn cash prizes or trade it online.

The idea behind Crictos of the Game, FanCraze CEO Anshum Bhambri explained, was to tap into the excitement fans feel before games. “Pre-buying a pack before a game give you this really cool experience where you see now and buy now. Within three hours of a game ending, you have the moment in your wallet, so the moment you just saw is now yours,” Bhambri said. “The other thing it does is really illustrate the difference between owning a moment and watching a video of it online. You get access to this moment and the video of it immediately.”

So, a select few who queued up to pre-buy collectibles from the India vs Pakistan match at the MCG on October 23 would have ended up with Kohli’s iconic six in their digital wallets.

Many of the collectibles sold during this World Cup are already on the FanCraze marketplace, where you can buy them from the lucky collectors who ended up with them in their packs. Among the collectibles on the marketplace are:

(All prices as of October 24)

FanCraze are also giving specially minted “I was there Crictos” as a keepsake to every person who goes to watch one of the World Cup games.

FanCraze are ESPNcricinfo’s digital collectibles partner

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