Pakistan news – Zaka Ashraf steps down as PCB chairman

Zaka Ashraf has resigned as the chairman of the Interim Management Committee (IMC), the body heading the PCB. He announced his decision after the fourth meeting of the committee at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore on Friday.
Ashraf’s resignation came a couple of weeks before his most recent extension as head of the PCB was due to end in the first week of February. The PCB has not yet announced who will take over the administration of the board.

In November last year, Ashraf was given a three-month extension to continue as the head of the PCB via a government notification given by the patron of the board and current interim prime minister of Pakistan Anwar ul Haq Kakar.

He was originally appointed head of the IMC in July last year, and the mandate of the ten-member body was to finalise the Board of Governors (BoG) and conduct elections for the post of board chairman within four months. However, when that goal could not be achieved within the timeframe, the committee was given another three months to do so. Ashraf’s tenure has had its share of controversy, with a member of the committee accusing him of “flagrant misdoings and unconstitutional decisions”.

Apart from Ashraf, the other nine members of the IMC are Kalim Ullah Khan, Ashfaq Akhtar, Muhammad Mussadiq Islam, Azmat Pervez, Zaheer Abbas, Khawaja Nadeem, Mustafa Ramday, Zulfiqar Malik, and Khurram Karim Somroo.

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