Pakistan cricket – Misbah set to work with the PCB again


ESPNcricinfo understands Misbah is likely to be appointed the head of a cricket committee that will soon be formed. He will also be the advisor on cricketing affairs to the current head of the PCB, Zaka Ashraf.

The impending appointment is the first major move the new administration will make in the running of Pakistan cricket. Ashraf was appointed head of the PCB’s new management committee earlier this month, after a brief legal tangle following the end of Najam Sethi’s stint as caretaker chairman in late June.

Misbah’s role is expected to be an honorary one, which means he will not be paid a salary. The decision was finalised after he met with Ashraf on Monday.

It means a return for Misbah nearly two years after he resigned in September 2021, shortly after Ramiz Raja was appointed PCB chairman. Since then, he has worked as an expert and analyst on various TV channels, commitments that he is likely to continue to pursue.

Misbah also served as Pakistan coach and chief selector in September 2019, replacing Mickey Arthur as head coach. He had played under Arthur when he was captain of the Test side for a year, with Pakistan becoming the top-ranked side in the world during that time.

After his retirement, Misbah was part of a committee that played a role in Arthur’s removal as head coach and he subsequently took over the role, as well as the responsibility of being the chief selector.
When Arthur was appointed team director earlier this year, Misbah said the move was a “slap on Pakistan cricket,” not so much that it was Arthur but for the nature of his role and appointment. Arthur has remained in his job as Derbyshire coach, while overseeing the Pakistan side with Grant Bradburn as head coach. “It’s a slap on our cricket system that we are not able to find a high-profile full-time coach,” Misbah told ESPNcricinfo in February. “It’s a shame that the best ones do not want to come and we insist on having someone who is looking at Pakistan as a second option.

“I blame our own system, which is vulnerable enough with so many weak lines for anyone to exploit it. We are to be blamed ourselves that we have disrespected and discredited our own people to make a bad image. The present and former lot don’t respect each other, with media and former players using their own YouTube channels for ratings, damaging the credibility and value of our cricket which, as a result, gives an impression that we are not capable.”

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