Grant Bradburn confirmed as Pakistan men’s head coach for next two years

Grant Bradburn has been confirmed as Pakistan men’s head coach for the next two years. He had held the position on a consultancy basis during Pakistan’s recent home series against New Zealand as well.
Former South Africa cricketer Andrew Puttick has also signed a two-year contract as the batting coach. Strength and conditioning coach Drikus Saaiman and physiotherapist Cliffe Deacon will continue in their roles.

Bradburn had previously served as the fielding coach of the side, from 2018 to 2020, before moving to the National Cricket Academy in Lahore. Before that, he was the head coach of Scotland.

“It is a great honour for me to work with the highly talented and skilful side like Pakistan as a head coach,” Bradburn said in a PCB release. “The New Zealand series has been valuable to get game time and create clarity of roles, culture and brand to win.

“We have raised the bar of expectation and we will keep challenging our players. The process has started and our players are agreeing to take these challenges head-on. We have mutually agreed with our players they are capable of higher team scores, even when setting totals. There have been immediate positive signs during this series and this group of players is determined to continually improve, to put ourselves into contention to win major events.”

A new playing style – The Pakistan Way

According to the release, the Pakistan team management has unveiled a playing style with which it will approach the 2023 ODI World Cup. The style branded as The Pakistan Way will see the team approach the ODIs in the build-up and during the tournament with positive and bold tactics and attacking strategies.

“If a team wins without a culture, without a brand or without a style, it may work for a short period but will eventually fall,” team director Mickey Arthur said. “If a team is losing with a culture, a brand and its own style, then it is moving towards the right direction.

“So how do we achieve The Pakistan Way? We achieve this by winning while having our own culture, our own brand of cricket and our own style. We will not be satisfied with wins without that culture in the team. Pakistan as a nation is proud of its identity, culture and style. I love Pakistan and Pakistan cricket; I want to leave behind a legacy as a director where the rest of the world says we want to play The Pakistan Way.

“To achieve on-field success, the team management will put emphasis on the importance of building a culture where a player’s success is enjoyed by everyone and creating an inclusive environment where anyone can speak up at any time and everyone is treated equally eventually resulting in achieving collective goals as a nation and team.”

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